IIL PPRC & GI - EVENT Hyderabad

13 Dec, 2019

International Industries Limited arranged a grand event for its PPRC & GI dealers & plumbers in Hyderabad. The event was held on 13th December, 2019 at Mehmood Garden, Latifabad in Hyderabad and over 450+ plumbers attended the launch event.

IIL decorated the hall with IIL branded digital backdrop, standees, product display area with marketing literature, welcome counter. During the registration of all the entrants, lIIL team distributed plumber bags to all the plumbers as a welcome gift.

The event started off with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Fawad Ahmed (Deputy Manager Marketing) followed by the national anthem of Pakistan. After the opening ceremony, videos were shown of the company and IIL products (PPRC, GI and HDPE). This was followed by a plumbers training session conducted by Mr. Sharjeel Mustafa (Deputy Manager - Polymers) and an interactive customers feedback session.

This was followed by videos of IIL HDPE 1600mm pipes used in the Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) waterline project.

After the video, Mr. Mirza Samar Abbas (General Manager - Domestic Sales) gave a welcome speech, a formal introduction of all the IIL products mainly IIL PPRC, GI and HDPE. He emphasized on the importance of using quality products in the usage of drinkable water and gasline transmission.

The event was followed by a lucky draw session with over 60 prizes which included IIL PPRC heat jointing machines, clothing irons, heaters, blenders, washing machines and led televisions. The event closed with scrumptious dinner and all attendees enjoyed themselves and expressed sincere thanks and acknowledged IIL’s efforts in building strong ties with their customers.

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