IIL Galvanized Iron Pipe (GI Pipe)

IIL galvanized (GI) pipes are made from prime quality steel coil and galvanized using the highest quality zinc.

IIL Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes are corrosion and rust resistant pipes that are ideal for the transmission of potable water, natural gas, oil and other fluids. They are also used in fencing, low cost shelters and general fabrication.

IIL GI pipes are certified as European Conformity Standards (CE) and are manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards (BS EN 10255:2004, ASTM A53, ASTM A795, EN39, SLS829:2009)

IIL GI pipes are available in nominal diameters of 15mm (1/2”) to 200mm (8”) and in thickness from 1.80mm to 5.40mm.

IIL also offers:

  • Swaging
  • Screwed & socketed pipe
  • Cut-to-length pipe
  • Close tolerance cutting
  • Painted pipe
  • Red primer pipe
  • Black pipe, varnished or oiled
  • Internal seam removal


  • Fluid/Oil/Water Transmission
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Fencing
  • Low Cost Shelters/Housing
  • General Fabrication

International Standards

  • Straightness
  • Thickness/Weight/Length
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Mass of zinc coating

Product Testing Features

  • Can bear Hydro pressure up to 50 bar
  • Leak free (NDT Tested)
  • Thoroughly tested weld (bending & flattening)

Salient Features

  • Environmentally friendly. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Air blown exterior and steam blown interior
  • Individually chromated
  • Guaranteed tube count per bundle
  • Over 50 years of manufacturing experience and exporting to 60 countries
  • Certification: ISO Standards 9001, 14001, ISO 45001 and CE

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