API Line Pipe

IIL manufactures longitudinal electric welded steel pipe PSL1 in accordance with ANSI/API Specification 5L (latest edition) under license: API-0391.

IIL API welded line pipes are used in natural gas and petroleum distribution systems.

The dimensions of the API line pipes conform to the latest API specifications. IIL API line pipes are marked and embossed (inside or outside) according to customer requirements. The nominal diameter of IIL line pipes ranges from ¾" to 12" with the length ranging from 6 meters to 12.20 meters.

Tube Mill Section

IIL's state-of-the-art U.S. and Japanese tube mills are used for the manufacturing of API line pipe and are equipped with:

  • Solid state/high frequency welder (from Thermatool, UK)
    • For high integrity forge welding
  • Seam annealing
    • The weld seam and entire heat affected zone is heat treated and processed to ensure no un-tempered Martensite remains on the heat affected zone.
  • Inner Bead Trimming (Diameter 4" and 6")
    • Carried out to meet API Specification 5L

Product Testing Features

  • NDT unit (Eddy Current Flaw Detector)
    • Eddy Current testing is used to detect surface and internal flaws or imperfections like seam, slivers, open weld and incomplete welds
  • Hydrostatic Tests
    • Each length of IIL API Line Pipe is manufactured to withstand leakage at hydrostatic test pressure are specified in the standard. In order to ensure that every length of pipe is tested, the hydro testers at IIL are equipped with a test pressure gauge and timer. We ensure that no pipe is dispatched until hydro testing has been performed. Size and grade wise hydrostatic test pressures are given in table overleaf.

Salient Features

  • Guaranteed tube count per bundle
  • IIL has over 50 years of manufacturing experience and exports to 47 different countries
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Standard selling price all over Pakistan
  • Environment friendly
  • Certification: ISO Standards 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CE


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