IIL Sponsors Theatre Play for NED Students

27 Mar, 2017

In continuation of the tradition of supporting the Architectural Community, International Industries Ltd (IIL) along with its group organizations Pakistan Cables Ltd (PCL) and International Steels Ltd (ISL) sponsored the NED Architectural student’s annual theatre play “Hayat-e-Hyacinth” held at the NED City Campus on 27th of March 2017.

Speaking at the beginning of the Play, the hosts warmly thanked IIL, ISL and PCL without whom this play was not possible. Hayat-e-Hyacinth revolved around the 16th century Ottoman Empire that reached its glorious heights under the eminent ottoman sultans.

This play was an adaption of the intricate, multilayered novel “The Architect's Apprentice” by a Turkish author Elif Shafak. IIL was pleased to have its branding displayed throughout the event from the entrance, around the sitting area, the stage, on the various posters and flyers that were distributed prior to the event. Additionally, IIL, ISL and PCL distributed special giveaways for the Chief Guests. Apart from the branding, IIL along with PCL and ISL gained popularity amongst NED’s Architectural student body and were widely talked about on NED’s Social Media platform with the hashtags #IIL #PCL #ISL and #HayateHyacinth.

On the whole, this event proved to be a huge success for all the 3 group organizations in maintaining strong ties with the Architectural community through the event sponsorship.

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