IIL Dealers Gala Night 2017

19 May, 2017

The partnership a company has with its dealers is critical to the success of the business. In a way, they’re the toughest customer. To really know about the brand (and understand why it stands out from the rest), they need more than a brochure of information. And more than a product demo. They need to comprehensively understand the brand in a way that translates into unmatched passion to represent and sell products every day.

For that essence, IIL arranged its Dealers Gala Night held on 19th May 2017 at The Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi for over 120+ Dealers across the southern domestic market.

The event started off with distribution of giveaways by the domestic sales team and a warm welcome speech by Mr. Waqas Ahmed (Deputy Manager Marketing) followed by Pakistan’s National Anthem.

Thereon Mr. Waqas called on stage IIL’s distinguished guests Mr. Khawar Bari (Head of Marketing & Sales) and Mr. Owais Ahmed (Business Unit Head IIL Stainless Steel) who thanked and acknowledged the dealers and then talked about the company’s highlights and its vision for the future.

After the speeches, the event moved towards the brighter side of comedy entertainment provided by the renowned comedy duo: Barkat & Uzmi. Then audience thoroughly enjoyed and remained actively involved in the hilarious comedy routine.

The event was followed by dinner and all the dealers expressed their thanks to IIL for arranging such a wonderful event.

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