IAPEX 2018

29 Mar, 2018

IIL and ISL jointly participated in the 2018 edition in the annual IAPEX 2018 held in Karachi between 2nd to 4th March 2018. IAPEX is a leading Architectural exhibition that is held in Karachi every year with international architectural conference held at the same venue.

Located in Hall-2 IIL and ISL presented a stall which was not only innovative but also promoted the art and science of professional building materials which allowed people to get in or engaged about the company’s products.

The stall featured 2 pods one for IIL and one for ISL with their respective products. IIL’s focus was displaying 3 main products for the building industry which were IIL PPRC, IIL Stainless Steel and IIL Hollow Structural Sections. In the pod, a sitting bench fabricated of IIL CR Tubes was made for visitors to sit and learn about IIL Products via product information video, at the back were IIL PPRC, Stainless steel and HSS pipes decorated for visitors.

ISL Pod also had a sitting bench with a product video with information about their focused products ISL CR Sheets, Color Coated Sheets and Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheets. The ISL pod was decorated with mirror finish Galvanized sheets which were highly attractive for visitors as they were fascinated with the quality finish of the sheets.

On the whole, IIL & ISL had a successful participation and enjoyed a terrific response by a large stream of architects, engineers, consultants, students and visitors belonging to the architectural industry. The stall reinforced IIL & ISL’s commitment to participate and promote its products amongst the architectural industry of Pakistan.

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