Sustainability Measures & Corporate Responsibility

Group Sustainability Report 2018 Download


Pursuing its commitment to the efficient use of resources, the Company utilizes all waste heat to generate chilled water, which in turn, fulfills the factory’s water-cooling and air-conditioning requirements. Furthermore, its Reverse Osmosis Plant helps meet additional water requirements at the factory premises.

IIL generates electricity though co-generation. Its own needs are met through this generation and excess electricity is transported to the K-Electric grid. Hence, there is full utilization of installed generation capacity and generation of additional revenues, whilst contributing towards alleviation of chronic power shortages faced by the country.

Further details of the measures we are taking to conserve energy are included in our Group Sustainability Report which is also available on our website.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
Community Investment and Welfare Schemes, Rural Development Programs and National Cause Donations

  • IIL contributes approximately 2.5% of its Profit after Tax towards CSR activities.
  • Our social investments included donations to national causes like SIUT, LRBT, Baitul Sukoon Cancer Hospital, LHWS, Indus Hospital, MALC, etc.
  • Our donations towards rural development programs include donations to LRBT and Al-Rehmat Hospital in Pasrur and water hand pump in Tharparkar.
  • IIL has developed and continues to maintain the community surrounding our factories. IIL has built and continues to fund a mosque with a capacity for 1500 worshippers. Additionally, IIL has funded the TCF-IIL campus school which has a current enrollment of 600 students and operates at over 100% capcity. Most recently the IIL SINA – CLF Clinic has been set up to provide heavily subsidized medical care to the community. We are proud to report that of the 26,000 people treated in this clinic last year only 460 were employees of our Group.

IIL contributes approximately 2.5% of its Profit after Tax towards CSR activities. It continues to fund all operating expenses for the TCF primary school IIL Campus located in Landhi next to the IIL funded mosque opposite Factory 1.

Last year IIL also sponsored the Amir Sultan Chinoy (ASC) amphitheater at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) main campus.

In addition to the above, IIL has taken the initiative this year to establish a health clinic in association with SINA Health, Education and Welfare Foundation.

The SINA-IIL Clinic is also across the road from IIL Factory 1 and will provide free medical facilities to the underprivileged. IIL has funded the purchase of land and construction of the facility and will contiribute towards the operations of the clinic due to be inaugurated in September 2016.