Q&HSE Council

Q&HSE Council Committee comprise the following members:

Chief Executive Officer Chairman
HOD Factory MC Member
Chief Financial Officer MC Member
HOD Human Resources MC Member
HOD Marketing & Sales MC Member
HOD Operations Member
HOD PE Operations Member
HOD QA & Supply Chain Member
Management Representative HSE Member
Management Representative QMS Member & Secretary

Role of the Council

The Council reviews the Q&HSE policy of the company, conformance of processes and products and their trends, customer requirements, results of external and internal Q&HSE audits, suppliers performance, commitment of Continual improvement, issues related to quality, health, safety & environment and analysis of incidents.

Council Procedure

Formal meetings are held on Bi-Annual basis or more frequently as circumstances dictate.

Management Representative QMS is the Secretary of the Committee. A record is maintained of the agenda and minutes.

In order to form a quorum for the meeting, at least two MC members shall be present. In the absence of the Chairman, any MC Member will chair the meeting.