Executive Committee

The Composition of the Executive Committee would be as follows:

Head of Marketing & Sales Chairman
Head of Operations        Member
Head of Engineering & New Ventures           Member
Head of International Sales          Member
Head of Domestic Sales (North)             Member
Financial Controller Member
Head of Supply Chain Member
Group Head IT Member
Head of Marketing Member
Senior Manager QMS                   Member & Secretary


Role of the Committee

The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis to review the results for the month and bring to the attention of the Managing Committee matters of importance.

Committee's Procedures

Meetings are conducted on a monthly basis or more frequently as circumstances dictate.

HOD QMS is the Secretary of the Executive Committee. A record is maintained of the minutes of the meeting.

In order to form a quorum for the meeting, majority of its members shall be present. In the absence of the Chairman, another MC member will Chair the meeting.