Management Committee

The mission of the Managing Committee (MC) is to support the Chief Executive Officer to determine and implement the business policies within the strategy approved by the Board of Directors. MC meetings are conducted on a monthly basis or more frequently as circumstances dictate. The Committee reviews all operational and financial aspects, advises improvements to operational policies / procedures and monitors implementation of the same. The MC meets to review operational performance and to consider various policies and procedures.

Composition of the Managing Committee:

Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Member Chief Financial Officer       
Mr. Khawar Bari Member Director Marketing & Sales
Mr. Khalid Junejo Member Director Human Resources
Mr. Zulfiqar Mooraj Member BUH Construction Division
Ms. Asema Tapal Member Group Chief Internal Auditor
Mr. Perwaiz Ibrahim Member Technical Advisor
Mr. Mohsin Safdar Member CEO IIL Americas
Mr. Sohail Bhojani Member CEO IIL Australia
Mr. Muhammad Riaz Moazzam Secretary GM Operation Steels








Role of the Managing Committee

 The Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Reviewing the organizational structure.
  2. Establishing the Executive Committees and their TORs.
  3. Reviewing the annual budget of the Company.
  4. Reviewing the business principles, strategy, strategic priorities, risk analysis, business plan as well as key performance indicators, financial performance, annual targets and variances.
  5. Reviewing the Company’s Management Information System (MIS).