Human Resources & Remuneration Committee

Role of the HR Committee

The primary function of the Human Resources Committee is to monitor, evaluate, and make decisions on behalf of the Board with respect to policies and strategic matters related to human resources of the company , review and recommend the salary framework of the employees and executive s, review and recommend policies for staff development and professional training ; review the frameworks and policies for the remuneration, retirement and superannuation of the employees as well as senior executives etc.

This is done to ensure:

  • That the Company's Executive Directors, Senior Executives and employees in general are fairly rewarded for their individual contributions to the Company's overall performance; and
  • That the levels of remuneration are sufficient to attract and retain the best performance to have and maintain an edge as one of the leading companies in the country in manufacturing sector.

In addition, the Human Resources Committee asses and reviews the recommendations of the Management for higher education within or outside the country, and renewal of service contracts or seperation of a member of senior management.


Members of Directors at the Human Resources Committee are as follows:

Member's Name Position
Mr. Tariq Ikram Chairman*
Mr. Riyaz Chinoy Member
Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy Member**
Mr. Azam Faruque Member**
Khalid Junejo Secretary

* Independent Director
** Non Executive Director

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are conducted at least annually or on such times when the Chairman may consider it necessary.


In order to form a quorum for the meeting, at least two members shall be present. In the absence of the Chairman, the members present shall elect a Chairman for the meeting from amongst the members present. HOD Human Resources is the Secretary of the committee.