Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is applicable to the Board of Directors as well as all the employees of the Company. Salient features of the Code of Conduct are as follows:


  1. The Company's policy is to conduct its business with honesty and integrity and be ethical in its dealings, showing respect for the interest of all stakeholders including its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and society at large.
  2. The Company is dedicated to providing a safe and non-discriminatory working environment for all employees.
  3. The Company does not support any political party or contributes funds to groups whose activities promote poIiticaI interests
  4. The Company is committed to provide products which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality and are safe for their intended use to satisfy customer needs and expectations.
  5. The Board of Directors And the management are committed to ensuring that the Company is a responsible corporate citizen and that business shall be carried out in a sustainable manner.
  6. Operations shall be carried out with minimum adverse effect on the environment And producing quality products in a healthy and safe working environment.
  7. We, as a responsible corporate citizen, shall play our part in the betterment of society in health and education sectors US a Q0rt Of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


  1. Every employee should conduct his/her personal and business affairs in a manner such that neither a conflict, nor the appearance of a conflict, arises between those interests and the interests of the Company.
  2. An employee should avoid any situation in which he or she, or a family member, might profit personally (either directly or indirectly) from the Company's facilities, its products, or relationships with its vendors or customers.
  3. An employee should not permit himself/ herself (or members of his/her family) to be obligated (other than in the course of normal banking relationships) to any organization or individual With whom the Company has a business relationship. However, business lunches, dinners or social invitations, nominal giveaways and attendance at conferences and seminars would not be considered a violation of this Code.
  4. In case an employee is offered or receives something of value which he/she believes may be questionable under this Code, he/ she should disclose the matter.
  5. Conflicts of interest shall be avoided and promptly disclosed where they exist and guidance should be sought from supervisors.


  1. All books, records, accounts and statements should conform to generally accepted and applicable accounting principles and to all applicable laws and regulations and should be maintained accurately.
  2. Employees are expected to sign only documents or records which they believe to be accurate and truthful.


  1. The Company is committed to carry its business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner and promote preservation and sustainability of the environment.
  2. All employees are required to adhere strictly to all applicable environmental laws and regulations that impact the Company's operations


  1. The Company is committed to make prompt public disclosure of 'material information’ as prescribed by the Pakistan Stock Exchange Regulations, if required.
  2. Where an employee is privy to information which is generally referred to as ‘material inside information’, the same must be held in strict confidence by the employee involved until it is publicly released.
  3. Employees shall abide by the appropriate competition laws and shall not enter into understandings, arrangements or Agreements with competitors which have the effect of fixing or controlling prices, dividing and allocating markets or territories or boycotting suppliers or customers.


  1. All employees should conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in the workplace or any other location while on company business.
  2. Employees shall be careful while dealing with personal or business associates and not disclose, divulge or provide any information regarding the Company to anyone except where the same is used as a part of his/ her official Obligations and as required for official purpose and shall abide by the Closed Period announced by the Company from time to time and also sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement if the need arises.
  3. Employees should always be cognizant of the need to adhere strictly to all safety policies and regulations
  4. Any legally prohibited or controlled substances, if found in the possession of any employee, will be confiscated and, where ¿Appropriate, turned over to the authorities.


  1. Employees Are required to comply with this Code of Conduct and ¿]re personally responsible for doing so. Employees must comply with any rules set out in this Code of Conduct. Breach of any principles within the code may result in discipline/ action And a serious breach — such as if any employee is found to be in wanton abuse of the Code and their action can cause reputational risk or damage or financial loss to the Company, may amount to gross misconduct, which may result in dismissal. Further, the Company reserves the right to seek redress and damages from such individuals.
  2. Employees at all levels will be required to certify annually that they understand the Code and that they are in full compliance with it. The Board monitors the findings of this certification on an annual basis
  3. The Company has in place a confidential ‘Whistleblowing Policy' as a mechanism and process to encourage the reporting of any non-compliance with the Code of Conduct