A Lean, Green & Clean Company

Being an environmentally-conscious company, IIL is dedicated to reducing the impact of its operations to sustainable levels and in line with acceptable standards.

In 2014, a recertification audit was conducted by M/S Lloyds (a UK-based certification body) to provide assurance that the QA&HSE Management System complies with ISO 9001, IS0-14001 & OHSAS 18001 global standards. No major non-conformities were observed.

Lean Manufacture

IIL has installed a natural gas based tri-generation system based on combined cooling, heating and power with installation of vapor absorption chillers, thus replacing power supply from the grid, steam supply from gas fired boilers and usage of conventional electrical chillers and contributing towards national sustainable development.

Green Manufacture

After the installation of this tri-generation system IIL has reduced 21% of gas and 6% of electricity consumption per ton of pipe production, this is a concrete step towards energy conservation.

IIL is certified for Environmental Management System Standard IS0-14001 since 2001. It is also registered with the Ministry of Environment under the Self-Monitoring and Report Tool (SMART) program.

Clean Manufacture

IIL throughout its manufacturing process places emphasis on the protection of the environment. Wherever possible conservation of natural resources and strict checks on effluents, emissions, health and safety are enforced.

IIL neutralizes its emissions prior to discharge by using 100 feet high fume scrubbers. All effluent waste is treated at its Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) prior to discharge, whereas sludge generated from the ETP is transferred responsibly to designated landfill sites for environment-friendly disposal.

In addition, IIL carried out testing of its effluents and factory and vehicular emissions through third parties and recognized laboratories for compliance with the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS); the results were verified at the time ofthe aforementioned audits.

As a result of these efforts, International Industries Limited has been awarded a trophy for the third position in the overall category in a nationwide OHSE Best Practices 2014 competition.