ASC Foundation

IIL continues to contribute to the Amir Sultan Chinoy Foundation (ASCF) – which is mandated to focus on education, health and social advancement.

Our History

The Amir Sultan Chinoy Foundation is one of Pakistan’s oldest foundations. It was established in 1968 as The Friendship Foundation by Amir Sultan Chinoy in accordance with the wishes of his father Sir Sultan Mehrally Chinoy. In 1980 the foundation was renamed as the Amir Sultan Chinoy Foundation.

Till this day the foundation continues to operate in accordance with the wishes of Amir Sultan Chinoy who established the foundation to help further the advancement of education, learning and industry in all its branches.


The foundation has committed itself to improve the quality of education in Pakistan through efforts in the following areas:

Primary education

Under this theme the foundation supports Organizations working towards providing subsidize education to the under privileged (Two primary schools have been setup with the Citizen Foundation in areas close to the Factory where currently about 500 children are receiving quality education at highly subsidized rates.

In the current year, the group has substantially contributed to the “Amir Sultan Chinoy Chair” at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi a permanent endowment fund.

We have also setup a Mosque in an area close to IIL Factory. Jamia Siddiquia Mosque has been built in conformity with wishes of Amir Sultan Chinoy founder of International Industries Limited in memory of his father Sir Sultan M. Chinoy.

Education Grants

Scholarships for higher education in Pakistan are awarded to students in need, primarily for undergraduate studies in Architecture, Engg& Medicine.


In the sphere the foundation focuses its efforts in the following areas:

Specialized care for the disadvantaged

The foundation has encouraged support to diverse efforts from care of terminally ill to funding of free medical treatment through institutions with cost effective program. The foundation has also set up an Old People Home.


The foundation supports old retired employees of the group and their dependents based on their need.

Donations are also made to such social institutions and organizations who have been rendering sincere service for the cause of humanity and uplift of the common people having similar aims and objects as the foundation.