Company History

Mr. Amir S. Chinoy, the illustrious son of Sir Sultan Chinoy, established Sultan Chinoy & Company, in Pakistan in 1948, which was later incorporated as International Industries Limited (IIL). The Company went through several intermediary stages and conducted various businesses including distribution, trading, contracting and imports & exports. The new company took up the representation of the Marconi Company UK, within Pakistan and embarked upon a progressively expanding career of trade, industry and technical services.

In 1962, the company set up an electric construction division for supply and erection of Gas Turbines, Sub-station equipment and transmission and distribution lines. This business has since been discontinued to permit the company to concentrate on manufacturing activity.

The year 1964 saw the company venture into the business of manufacturing steel pipes. At the same time it developed and produced high quality choke for fluorescent lighting and subsequently expanded the range to include High Pressure Mercury Ballast. Due to the rapid growth of the steel pipes business, the choke business was also discontinued.

Until 1984, IIL enjoyed exclusive franchise of importing and trading in quality product of international repute, the most prestigious of which was Marconi Company. The main trading activity was in the area of Testing and Measuring instruments, automotive tune-up and service equipment, training aids and teaching systems. The trading activity was passed on to Intermark (Pvt.) Limited, a company which was formed specifically for this purpose.

IIL’s steel pipes business began with the manufacture of Electrical Resistance Welded Pipe meant to be used as Electrical Conduit. In 1968, the tube mill was re-commissioned at the newly constructed factory on an 11 acre site in the Landhi Industrial Area of Karachi. During the period between 1968 and 1980, the company modernized its tube mill, adding the High Frequency Induction Welding process. The first slitting line was installed in 1979, followed by commissioning of a small Argon Arc welded precision tube mill.

1983 marked an important year for IIL as it was in this year that the company entered into the field of Galvanized pipes and the brand "IIL G.I. Pipes" was born. Today, this brand is the hallmark of the highest quality and reliability and is the market leader in Pakistan.

IIL became a Public Limited Company in 1984. Such was the reputation of the company that when shares were offered to the public, the offer was over-subscribed 67 times.

Towfiq ChinoyDuring the years that followed, the company lived up to its reputation and continued to grow quite rapidly under the leadership of Mr. Towfiq H. Chinoy. Associated with IIL since 1964, Towfiq Chinoy had a 47 year career with IIL and spent 35 years as its Managing Director. During this time, he grew IIL from a small pipe manufacturing company with a net worth of Rs. 1.6 million to the largest pipe and tube manufacturing concern in the country, with an equity of more than Rs. 5 billion. IIL pipe exports, which began in 1995, also started under his leadership and have now grown to cover 47 countries across all 6 continents.

Accreditation of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, PSQCA & API Specification Q1 (5L) was a confirmation of the high standard and reputation that this company strived to achieve and uphold since its inception in March, 1948.