IIL is in the business of producing and marketing of GI Pipe, Steel Tubes and Pipes, API Line Pipe & Polyethylene Line Pipes throughout the world.

The Company achieved the landmark of gross sales of more than Rs 15.5 billion during 2009-10 with domestic sales of more than Rs 11.9 billion while the exports figures reached more than US$ 43.27 million. The Company has produced more than 2 million tons of pipe , maintaining its edge as the brand leader in terms of quality and market share in domestic market but also in exports to 30 countries across 6 continents.

IIL invested in a Cold Rolling plant with 250,000 tons per annum with 150,000 tons metal coating facility starting in 2008, which has been completed. In March 2009, the Company implemented a Scheme of Arrangement for reconstruction of IIL by hive down of the Steel project from IIL and vesting of the Steel Project in International Steel Ltd (ISL), which at present is a public unlisted company, under the orders of Sindh High Court. The hive down scheme also includes acquisition of shares of ISL by IIL, equivalent to the net asset value of ISL as on completion date.

IIL comprises of a 250,000 tons per annum Cold Rolling Mill and a 150,000 tons per annum Metal Coating Steel Plant, located at Landhi, Karachi, approximately 3 km from IIL factory. The unit has started production in December 2010. The project also includes a power generating unit of 18MW (gas fired) which is sufficient not only to meet the power requirements of ISL but the company may also sell the surplus electricity to KESC. The initial public offer is planned shortly.

Presently IIL has manufacturing capacity of 300,000 tons of small diameter steel pipe with OD range (12.70mm – 168mm).IIL has a plant and storage area of 25 acres (over 100,000 square ) meters and stocks over 40,000 tons and currently employs more than 1400 people. The company also has a power generating capacity of 4MW.

At IIL, we consider our expansive delivery network and prompt supply time as our core strength.

IIL takes pride in being a proponent of best practices of corporate governance.

Precision steel tubes remained the core of its pipe and tube manufacturing operations until 1982. Manufacturing was expanded to include Galvanized Pipe in 1983. The manufacture of Cold rolled strip for in-house use and sale, commenced when the Company commissioned the country's first and only Cold Rolling Mill in the private sector in 1990. The Company remains the market leader in its segment of Galvanized Pipe and Precision Steel Tubing, with sales in the fiscal year 2009-2010 in excess of Rs.15 billion.

International sales commenced in an organized manner in 1995. Today, the Company remains the leading exporter of welded steel pipes and tubes from Pakistan and is exporting to 6 continents. With its sophisticated machinery, ongoing expansion plans and upgrades to value added products, the company has been successful in developing export markets and is effectively increasing and expanding sales. The exponential growth of exports is a strong endorsement of the company's resolve and its intent to maintain the quality of its products comparable to those manufactured internationally. The Company has been the recipient of Best Export Trophy – Mechanical Engineering goods for the 10th consecutive year in fiscal year 2009-2010 with Export sales figures of exceed 50,000 metric tons valued at Rs. 3.628 Billion (US $ 43.277 million). The Domestic sale has been to the tune of 127,000 metric tons (approx) valuing Rs 11.931 billion (US $ 142.334 Million).

Listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1984, International Industries today has equity of over Rs. 2.3 billion. Turnover grew from Rs. 15 million in 1976; crossing Rs. 1 billion in 1992, and has surpassed Rs. 15.0 billion in 2009-2010. The company is certified to the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000, Environmental Management System, ISO 14001:2004, and Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001:1999; and has API Accreditation to Q1-5L and Q1-15LE. The Karachi Stock Exchange Top Twenty-Five Companies of Pakistan award has been awarded to International Industries Limited for the last eight (8)consecutive years.

We continue to strive to be a model for modern professional management in Pakistan. With our aims of excellence, we endeavor to be a profitable and growth oriented organization. Provision of high quality services and products is the core of its business strategy, making it a reliable business partner and associate.